Creativity into clarity

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    01 Wendy Brooks 3840x2160px 72dpi
    Client Wendy Brooks Consulting
    Shifting & Shaping People & Places, Society

    While working with Wendy Brooks Consulting in creating our own company philanthropic strategy, we came to see the importance and value of their specialised role in assisting clients in the not-for-profit sector with strategic planning to create positive impact. She later approached us to help redefine her own identity.

    Moving away from the label ‘consultancy’ and shifting to Wendy Brooks and Partners encapsulated the idea of a more dynamic synergy that allowed her business to really amplify their impact.

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    03 Wendy Brooks 2000x2000px 72dpi

    It offered clarity of the true notion of the partnership formed between her team and their clients, in working side by side together to enable clients to reach their goals of achieving greater social equity.

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    Everything about Wendy Brooks's business and passion is deeply rooted in strengthening community, collaboration and connection. Representing the transparent relationships and sharing of ideas, the new identity has rounded abstract shapes of different colours, blending and overlapping, but moving in the same direction. The shapes change and adapt reflecting the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of values based engagement. The colours speak to vibrancy and fresh thinking. There is an embedded promise to not stand still.

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